Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day in the Life

Wanna know what a typical day of practice is like?

The injured eating...

Christie posing...(which is why we love her)

And everyone else warming up!


  1. I do have a question: How long does the volleyball season last? How many pratices in a week does a volleyball player have?

  2. Mary,

    Volleyball is pretty much a year-round sport these days. However, our most competitive season--the one that culminates with the NCAA championship is in the Fall. We begin practices at the beginning of August and play continues until December.

    Once the Spring semester starts in January, our team is allowed a maximum of 2 hours per week together on the court, but the girls are very busy in the weight room! Then usually in late February, we are allowed to begin regular practice again and are allowed to compete against other teams on four different calendar dates until school gets out in April.

    A typical "regular" practice begins for us at 12:30 and lasts until around 3pm. We practice 5 days a week (although we'll occasionally practice on a Saturday as well...), but we are limited to a maximum of 20 hours of sport-related activities--film, lifting, practice, etc--each week.

    During the summer, coaches are not allowed to schedule and/or attend practices or weight room sessions. However, the girls may voluntarily participate in these types of activities as long as no one from our coaching staff is involved!

    Hope this answers your question! Thanks for supporting BYU Volleyball!